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Visual designer and Artist Colette Vermeulen studied Fashion Design in the Netherlands prior to completing a master degree at the Royal College of Art in London. After working for the British fashion house Roksanda in London for three and a half years, Colette decided to moved to Berlin to entirely focus on autonumous work, and is now experimenting with collage, furniture and textile design. Her most recent venture is a series of paper wall-hangings which she started making during an artist residency at Taliesin West – Frank Lloyd Wright school of Architecture in Arizona USA. The images represent landscapes with sunsets and sunrises. They started out of an urge to recreate the experience of witnessing Arizonian change of light, bringing on the most bright and intense colours. The images let the viewer be sucked into the landscapes, be dissolved in them and bring the viewer a sense of serenity. Dissecting all of the elements of the landscape and organizing and framing them into a new image is a transaction of the real world into her interior experience. With these wall-hangings Colette wants to bring texture and colour inside the otherwise white and geometric spaces we live in.





Colette Vermeulen

Gneisenaustrasse 90

10961 Berlin



+49 015731713271